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Sanders Speaks White Privilege

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

In the first Democratic presidential schoolyard tantrum, characterized as a “debate” even though it did not meet the minimum standards for a forensic encounter, Bernie Sanders told a huge lie, a whopper, a tall tale. “Vermont is a rural state”, the old codger said. He had to open his choppers a little so the massive untruth could squeeze between his Grinch-like teeth.

There has not been a rural person born in Vermont in 100 years!


According to the Vermont Ministry Of Black Importation, even the black citizens they manage to entice to the White Paradise of the North are urbanites from Cleveland who wouldn’t know a hoe from a coulter. Vermont is an absentee fiefdom of wealthy landlords from New York City. Yet, Sanders would have you believe that Vermont is filled with taciturn Yankees sitting around the pickle barrel opining the weather and the crops while the old pot-bellied stove managed the chill. New Yorkers using WiFi to check stock quotes and rental income is the actual reality of Vermont.


Mrs. Bill Clinton did not call out Sanders for his bald-faced lie. She knows what a rural state looks like. Arkansas is a rural state. No New Yorkers there. Arkansas is so unsophisticated its citizens vacation in Mississippi.


Sanders expounded this enormous fib to provide a “homey” background for his next gargantuan prevarication: “Today in America, we have more people in jail than any other country on Earth.” The lily-white Hee-haw Vermonter forgot to add that all 4 billion Chinese are in prison because of their police-state government; that all North Koreans are similarly imprisoned; and that other countries simply kill their citizens.


Having set the “rural” stage for his fireside chat, Sanders freed his White Privilege Voice and boomed forth this litany of lies: we can have free public college tuition by taxing Wall Street for “speculation”; we can alleviate the “crushing” college debt of young people; we can lower the high cost of college; we can give in-state tuition to illegal interlopers (even though, curiously, we can’t afford to deport them).


Why are these freebies, grab bags, giveaways the essence of White Privilege?


We are 18 trillion dollars in debt.


You would have to be a senile white fool living in a “rural” state that has to import blacks in order to simulate “diversity” to believe that we can afford anything.


Rome is BURNING! Sanders and Clinton are eager to ferry more gasoline to feed the flames while enthused Democrats, incredibly fattened by their Wall Street donors, languidly tune their fiddles, which have been mortgaged by the Red Chinese.