Germans Loading People Onto Trains

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Mute the volume on the TV and watch the Germans loading people onto trains. For Baby Boomers it is chilling. In the 50s and 60s we found out what those trains had been used for in the 30s and 40s. All through school we had to watch the films, in class, in museums, at civic commemorations.

It is different this time, we are assured by smiling, clueless millennial reporters. The Germans are different now. Maybe.

But the moral shoe is on the other foot. The Germans are not doing anything immoral but the so-called immigrants are doing something very immoral and they should be stopped, around the world. They have left their friends and neighbors to endure a perilous fate while they pursue a better life. They have left their friends and neighbors in a leaky boat of crumbled societies while they swim away from the desperate cries of those they left to die.

These so-called immigrants are actually selfish, immoral interlopers who accept no responsibility for the social conditions they left behind. Since they did not accept the challenge to improve the societies they abandoned, they will accept no responsibility to improve the societies they invade.

Meanwhile, the Germans continue to load them onto trains.

For the moment, these appallingly immoral interlopers are the cause celeb of the pandering, equally immoral media. Remember, it was only a few months ago that these emotion-squeezing media types were deploring the lives of these same people when they were at home suffering from the terrible social conditions that they were nonetheless responsible for creating and maintaining.

What choices did they have? Work for change, rebel against injustice, fight tyranny. What choices did they make? Abandon their ailing societies to their miserable fates, pay huge sums to smugglers and take their troubles, and their abject lack of social conscience, to burden other societies.

Soon the pendulum will swing again and the idiotic nature of European social welfare policies will be exposed for what they are: pitiful offerings at the altar of history to cleanse the European soul of the horrors of WWI and WWII. The French are always one crisis away from releasing the violent anti-Semitism that runs just beneath the skin of French society. The Danes and the Dutch will rebel against the poor brown tide already stealing the produce of their erstwhile societies.

The heart-string-pulling media will go silent when fear of dissolution by the immoral, uneducated, socially sociopathic invaders brings back to the fore the Prussian character of the German people. Once again, Germans loading people onto trains will emblazon headlines as the solution that will save the Fatherland from the social pollution sweeping the globe.

An attack on social conscience, such as that embodied by the self-serving flight of political immigrants, is an assault on humanity everywhere. That is why these social sociopaths must be deported from the United States now. The results of such an onslaught have historically been disastrous and, in Germany, the trains are already rolling.




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