Avoiding Doomsday Government In America

Doomsday government in America would be the loss of the federal republic defined in the American Constitution. Two scenarios, one arising from domestic forces and one arising from foreign forces, could create a doomsday government in the United States. The American prepper community is making contingency plans to deal with the advent of multiple physical doomsday events such as natural disasters, war, EMP, pandemics, collision with objects from outer space and social discord of all stripes.

Preparation for doomsday government requires a different kind of prepper—a political prepper—and the objective is not to prepare for the aftermath, the objective is to prevent doomsday government from happening. In the same way that a physical prepper must modify the physical environment to survive the aftermath of a physical doomsday event, the political prepper must adjust the political environment to prevent a political doomsday event. Fortunately, by making the proper permanent political changes in America, the political prepper can help avoid both the domestic doomsday government threat and the foreign doomsday government threat.

Naturally, the only way to make permanent changes in the political environment of the United States is by amendments to the Constitution. The Palmetto Manifesto proposed by ReddSkye.com is a guide for political preppers to prevent doomsday government in America from domestic and foreign forces.

The foreign doomsday government threat comes from invasion by a foreign power or from the United States giving up its sovereignty by treaty or membership in a world governance organization. The articles of the Palmetto Manifesto mitigate against both of these possibilities.

The domestic doomsday government threat comes from a process of federal usurpation of power that began in 1789. As brilliant as the Founders were in crafting intra-federal checks and balances on power, they failed to forge an extra-federal restraint on the entire central government that would have prevented it from exceeding its constitutional limits. Thus, in 1803, Chief Justice John Marshall was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—judicial branch of the central government. In 1861, President Lincoln was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—Union. In 1914, President Wilson was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—executive branch of the central government. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—legislative branch of the central government. In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—economy.

In each of these great usurpations, the States lost power. Yet, it is the States, and only the States, who can supply the extra-federal restraints to reduce and permanently contain the federal monster they created. The Constitution was created by the legislatures of the 13 sovereign States. It was not created by the people in the States. The States created a federal government to serve the States. We are now approaching a point where the States will soon disappear as political entities. Then the central government will be a national government—the kind of government specifically forbidden by the Constitution. Then the government will be a doomsday government.

Political preppers can prevent this doomsday government. By encouraging the States to adopt the Articles of the Palmetto Manifesto as amendments to the Constitution, federal patriots can avoid doomsday government in America. Begin your political prepping now. Join ReddSkye.com and take up the fight to get the Palmetto Manifesto adopted as amendments to the Constitution.





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