Control Government, Not Guns

Even though children were murdered at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, the total lack of any journalistic standards in the American news media and the crass opportunism of fools on both sides of the gun control issue, conspired to produce The Standard Circus. In the center ring, reporters stoop to asking people how they feel about children being murdered. In the left ring, politicians wring their hands and declare that more must be done to control gun violence. In the right ring, politicians declare that nothing more can be done to control gun violence. Under the American Infotainment Big Top, not a single word of genuine outrage or true sorrow was spoken.

The stage was set for Buffoon H. Obama to lecture the world on righteousness and attempt to increase federal power even more—and he did. While the innocent children grow cold in their graves, jaws flap relentlessly under the Big Top. “Gun control, gun control, sis boom bah. Get rid of guns and bring forth Shangri-La. Gun control, gun control, bippity, boppity, boo. Give up your guns—your government will always do right by you.”

During every hour, on every single channel, the circus plays on inexorably. Glitz, glamor, pop, sparkle, look sad, we’re on the air. Expunge all meaning with trite expressions and the wails of the living. Make sonorous speeches but make sure that the photos that capture the most anguish get the most air. Pack up the Big Top and get ready to roll. When tragedy again strikes, we must be ready with our mikes. Besides, the news cycle has moved beyond these poor tykes.

The process by which the Big Top turns true horror into media content is appalling and disheartening. The surety with which politicians turn unspeakable sorrow into government control is chilling. The irony is that a very serious matter is at stake and not a single partisan of either side, especially Buffoon H. Obama, knows what it is.

Although, as the Supreme Court, recently made clear, the Second Amendment does confer a personal right to keep and bear arms, that is not the purpose of the amendment.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Read it carefully and actually think about each word. The security of a free State is the issue here. Arming the citizens is the method of guaranteeing that security.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to make sure that each State can protect itself from other States and from the federal government. The only way that could be done, as the Founders realized, was for the people in the States to be armed. A consequence of the Second Amendment is that the people will always have the means to, as Jefferson thought necessary, revolt once in a while.

Read the record of the debates during the Constitutional Convention. States were jealous of the power of other States and very fearful of the power of the new federal government they were creating. From the beginning of the Constitutional Convention, the States were concerned about having the power to repel other States and the federal government from their borders. To give themselves this power forever, the States added the Second Amendment to assure themselves of armed citizens. Armed citizens had been the means through which the States had won their freedom.

The government has guns that can fire 5,000 rounds per minute. That same government wants to restrict those who would oppose them to clips that hold seven rounds or less. This ridiculous balance of power is tolerated because Americans, despite clear warnings from our most important Founders, refuse to accept that revolution against or repulsion of, the federal government will ever be necessary again. The sad truth is, revolution is required now.

The control America desperately needs now is the control of government, not control of arms in the hands of its citizens. The deranged will always be able to wound society but it is only tyrannical governments that can destroy society. The Second Amendment exists so States may protect themselves. It is high time they began to do so.



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