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Nikki Haley Took Down The Wrong Flag

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Pub_2013_2013_The Rain God SmallWhen Nikki Haley was born in 1972 in Bamberg, S.C., she could be sure that she would be going home in a few days. On that same day, I, who was born in Columbia, S.C., in 1949, was a Naval Intelligence operative in a place that offered no assurance that I would ever go home alive.

Nikki grew up, left Sikhism behind and converted to Christianity as a Methodist, and graduated from Clemson in 1994. She followed the Script for success and has been rewarded. She learned the lines, said them perfectly, and gained accolades and awards. She did not, however, gain insight.

When undereducated, uninformed, racist community activists, demanded that she take down the flag that was a symbol of oppression, she reacted. But her bloodline harks back to Punjab, India. So it is understandable that she would not know the right flag to remove.

My bloodline runs all the way from Columbia, S.C., where I was born, to Clearwater, S.C., where my father was born. From him, I learned the hardships that befell his family and their neighbors following the Late Unpleasantness. From him, I heard the sorrows of the vanquished. From him, I heard the anguished sound of the death of a federal union of States, bound by an express compact to which they had pledged their allegiance.

South Carolina saved the Revolution at the Battle of Cowpens and at the Battle of King’s Mountain. South Carolina was acknowledged as a sovereign State in the Treaty of Paris in 1783. There was no United States of America. South Carolina voted to have a federal union at Independence Hall, against those who wanted either a national union or a king.

South Carolina remained loyal to the idea of a federal union even after Chief Justice John Marshall usurped the Constitution and established a nationalist, not a federal judiciary. Marshall took away State powers in the court system and created national court supervision of State legislatures, an act that had never been allowed or provided for in the new constitution.

South Carolina remained loyal to the idea of a federal union even as Lincoln adopted Henry Clay’s vision of the American System. Clay’s vision combined mercantilism, not constitutionalism, and the existence of a strong, supreme central government that could effectively pursue a manifest destiny of empire. Lincoln made it clear that he was an enemy of the federal union and would promote a national union with the majority of power centered in Washington and the paltry remainder vested in puppet States. For many years prior, the North had discovered that it could heavily tax the South then appropriate that tax money for projects to be completed in the North. When Lincoln was elected, South Carolina made its final move to preserve the federal union: it seceded.

In response, Lincoln chose war. He did not have to do so. The South could have paid for any federal property it had appropriated. Lincoln wanted war to kill the Constitution and create a strong national government that he could steer to empire. Lincoln was not an abolitionist; Lincoln did not believe in equal rights for blacks. But he did need troops so he played the slavery card, much as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do today with the race card. Their motives are as impure as Lincoln’s.

Lincoln succeeded in crushing the federal union that existed in the Confederate States of America. Later, these States were forced them to accept the all-powerful national government Lincoln had created to pursue empire.

That pursuit was not executed by the government of a federal union but by the national government of a stateless nation. Haley chose to take down the flag of the Confederacy, the last remaining federal union of the original thirteen colonies, and leave the flag of the real oppressor: the national government imposed by Lincoln.

Unfortunately, the cheering crowds hailing this flag travesty do not know the difference between a federal union and a national government. By the time the tyranny becomes clear to these blubbering idiots, there will no longer be South Carolinians of character to save them. They will all have become Nikki Haley Americans, stateless citizens of a national government that is no longer ruled by the Constitution or any memory thereof.

The Palmetto Manifesto Launched

Friday, April 8th, 2011

The long-awaited Palmetto Manifesto has just now been published on!

This document is a landmark in the fight to restrain the power of the national government and return that engorged ruler to the constrained federal government that was established by the Founders. The Palmetto Manifesto, with its artfully crafted 25 articles radically redistributes governmental power back to the State legislatures that created the federal government.

I encourage you to read and carefully study the Palmetto Manifesto. If you support any of the articles, join and help to fight for its adoption. The Palmetto Manifesto calls for reform only through individual Constitutional amendment. Nothing can be done via legislation by our corrupt, careerist, unrestrained Congress; nothing can be done by our corrupt, careerist, unrestrained Chief Executive; nothing can be done through our corrupt, careerist, unrestrained Supreme Court. Certainly nothing can be done through a Constitutional Convention because it would be taken over by big-money lobbyists, big-money ideologues, and well-financed heralds of perdition.

It’s not too late to halt the federal juggernaut, but it must be struck in the only venerable spot it has: it owes its existence to the legislatures of the States. Join and chase the Modern Redcoats out of Washington, DC!