New Species Of Rat: The Cuban Weasel

February 26th, 2016

Pub_2013_2013_The Rain God SmallThe American presidential campaign has inadvertently made a scientific discovery, a brand new species of rat which has never before been seen north of the Rio Grande: the Cuban Weasel. Although this species has overrun the communist nation that is its namesake, and has such a strong allure that President B. Hussein Obama snubbed the legacy of Justice Scalia in order to visit them in their home, until recently they were unknown in the U.S. The hallmark by which this species may be identified is its incredible lying eyes.


Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are shining examples of the new rodent.


In Rubio’s case, the lying eyes are completely decoupled from the rest of the face and seem to operate independently. Rubio illustrates the deer in the headlights syndrome. When his lips start to move, his brain knows that a lie will be forthcoming and so they widen in artificial surprise. The real novelty that Rubio is reacting to is that his audience actually believes his astounding falsehood. The deer in the headlights syndrome also is noted for causing a smile to hang aimlessly on the lips, like a drooping vacancy sign hanging askew in the window of a backwoods motel on an abandoned highway. Scientists have also noted that the deer in the headlights syndrome also causes Rubio to become excessively solicitous, desperately seeking affirmation of his lying persona. His Cuban heritage is completely accidental and is relevant only to the accurate naming of the species and the presumed acceptance of this new species of rat in the same percentage as it is accepted in Cuba.


In Ted Cruz’s case, the eyes are still decoupled from the face but his syndrome begins before his lips begin to move. The weasel in the garbage syndrome reflects a huge amount of premeditation in formulating the lie, adapting his vocalization to hit the stress points of the lie with maximum effect at the very instant that his eyes narrow. Whereas Rubio’s vacant but enlarged eyes echo the vacuum in his head as words escape from his mouth, Cruz’s menacing glare telegraphs his cunning, carefully molded prevarication. Rather than causing the Cuban Weasel to become more obsequious, the weasel in the garbage syndrome makes the lie formulator shrill and combative. As in Rubio’s syndrome, Cruz’s Cuban heritage is totally accidental.


Like the Zika virus, the Cuban Weasel represents a new threat to the American political process: the complete corruption of the political parties. The Democrats and the Republicans have been incredibly crooked since their sorry founding. The hope was that some minorities have escaped this rot. Blacks failed miserably in this process with the likes of Adam Clayton Powell, Jesse Rainbow Jackson, and Al Photogenic Sharpton. Women were also not up to the task since they relied on their vaginas as a substitute for character. Hilliary is all the proof that is needed to see the hole in that argument. Hispanics have not fared any better by relying on heritage and language for virtue much as women tried to lean on the strength of their vaginas.


Besides providing some sideshow effect, some P.T. Barnum aspect, new the Cuban Weasel will not have an enduring influence on politics. Washington is already filled to bursting with rats. The Cuban kind in America merely provides momentary diversion, unlike their deadly serious cousins in Cuba.



Nikki Haley Took Down The Wrong Flag

January 26th, 2016

Pub_2013_2013_The Rain God SmallWhen Nikki Haley was born in 1972 in Bamberg, S.C., she could be sure that she would be going home in a few days. On that same day, I, who was born in Columbia, S.C., in 1949, was a Naval Intelligence operative in a place that offered no assurance that I would ever go home alive.

Nikki grew up, left Sikhism behind and converted to Christianity as a Methodist, and graduated from Clemson in 1994. She followed the Script for success and has been rewarded. She learned the lines, said them perfectly, and gained accolades and awards. She did not, however, gain insight.

When undereducated, uninformed, racist community activists, demanded that she take down the flag that was a symbol of oppression, she reacted. But her bloodline harks back to Punjab, India. So it is understandable that she would not know the right flag to remove.

My bloodline runs all the way from Columbia, S.C., where I was born, to Clearwater, S.C., where my father was born. From him, I learned the hardships that befell his family and their neighbors following the Late Unpleasantness. From him, I heard the sorrows of the vanquished. From him, I heard the anguished sound of the death of a federal union of States, bound by an express compact to which they had pledged their allegiance.

South Carolina saved the Revolution at the Battle of Cowpens and at the Battle of King’s Mountain. South Carolina was acknowledged as a sovereign State in the Treaty of Paris in 1783. There was no United States of America. South Carolina voted to have a federal union at Independence Hall, against those who wanted either a national union or a king.

South Carolina remained loyal to the idea of a federal union even after Chief Justice John Marshall usurped the Constitution and established a nationalist, not a federal judiciary. Marshall took away State powers in the court system and created national court supervision of State legislatures, an act that had never been allowed or provided for in the new constitution.

South Carolina remained loyal to the idea of a federal union even as Lincoln adopted Henry Clay’s vision of the American System. Clay’s vision combined mercantilism, not constitutionalism, and the existence of a strong, supreme central government that could effectively pursue a manifest destiny of empire. Lincoln made it clear that he was an enemy of the federal union and would promote a national union with the majority of power centered in Washington and the paltry remainder vested in puppet States. For many years prior, the North had discovered that it could heavily tax the South then appropriate that tax money for projects to be completed in the North. When Lincoln was elected, South Carolina made its final move to preserve the federal union: it seceded.

In response, Lincoln chose war. He did not have to do so. The South could have paid for any federal property it had appropriated. Lincoln wanted war to kill the Constitution and create a strong national government that he could steer to empire. Lincoln was not an abolitionist; Lincoln did not believe in equal rights for blacks. But he did need troops so he played the slavery card, much as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do today with the race card. Their motives are as impure as Lincoln’s.

Lincoln succeeded in crushing the federal union that existed in the Confederate States of America. Later, these States were forced them to accept the all-powerful national government Lincoln had created to pursue empire.

That pursuit was not executed by the government of a federal union but by the national government of a stateless nation. Haley chose to take down the flag of the Confederacy, the last remaining federal union of the original thirteen colonies, and leave the flag of the real oppressor: the national government imposed by Lincoln.

Unfortunately, the cheering crowds hailing this flag travesty do not know the difference between a federal union and a national government. By the time the tyranny becomes clear to these blubbering idiots, there will no longer be South Carolinians of character to save them. They will all have become Nikki Haley Americans, stateless citizens of a national government that is no longer ruled by the Constitution or any memory thereof.

Obama’s Secret Deal With Bill To Stop Hilliary

January 9th, 2016

Pub_2013_2013_The Rain God SmallHilliary Clinton will withdraw from the presidential race after the Iowa caucuses, the New Hampshire primary and the South Carolina primary, claiming some mysterious illness. Why? Obama has made a secret deal with Bill: if the Trailer Trash Queen (crowned by the dollar that she snatched from James Carville’s famous trolling across Arkansas) leaves the race, then she will not go to prison for eTreason.

What’s in the deal for Obama?

Obama gets to schlong Hilliary again while appearing to help her avoid prison. This is technically a hate crime since Obama hates Hillary and would not, in reality, actually schlong her, even with somebody else’s schlong.

What’s in the deal for Bill?

Bill gets to schlong Hilliary, even though he hasn’t actually taken his deformed schlong anywhere near her since 1978. Bill does not want Hilliary to become president for two reasons: he wants to hold his superiority as President over her forever and he wants his cash cow, the Clinton foundation, to be exempt from federal prosecution.

The fix is in, the deal is done and Hillary is toast. She will go quietly because she knows that if she were in prison, Bill would cavort openly, with no restraint. She will play the medical card (remember the head injury about which she has been less than candid) and the grandmother card. She will ardently declare to keep fighting the good fight from the sidelines. Then she will sheepishly withdraw.

What’s in the deal for America? Nothing. The dynamics of this sordid arrangement are simply the mechanics of a vendetta. But, it is amusing that the tired, old, nagging, elastic-waistband-pants-suit-clad warrior in the army of the Democrat War on Women, a self-proclaimed and self-justified feminist, will get the hook from two men who have previously given her a devastating schlong.


It may not be raining men, but men still reign.



The Impossibility Of A Government Shutdown

October 27th, 2015

Pub_2013_2013_The Rain God Small

The most popular and predictable political theater put on by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents (including sociokooks like Bernie Sanders) is a government shutdown. They do this knowing full well that it is impossible. Because the unknowing public will blame Republicans and reward Democrats, this morality play is absolutely irresistible to Democratic “strategists”.


The United States is a sovereign, sole-issuer of currency. The Congress can, and already has, issued massive amounts of money. This power is granted to Congress by the Constitution, is not restricted at all by the Constitution, and “money” is not defined in the Constitution. For a government shutdown to be possible, America would need for the government to be funded by a real economy. It is not so funded and has not been since Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This act created a phony economy in which the Federal Reserve, a private corporation, buys government debt and pays the Treasury with credits to its Federal Reserve bank accounts; all government agencies have accounts which receive credits when Congress “appropriates” money and lose credits when somebody cashes a check written by a government agency. No actual money is involved. To control interest rates, the Federal Reserve releases money into circulation and the Congress, via taxes, removes money from circulation. Fort Knox contains only $350 billion in gold just for show and the Treasury does not contain actual money, it contains Treasury IOUs. This phony economy, which ALL politicians since 1913 have been running as a shell game means that the government can be funded WITHOUT LIMIT and therefore that the government can make war without limit.


The levers that run this phony economy are so deeply tangled in the Constitution (Necessary And Proper Clause, distinction between “debts” and “payment for goods and services”) and in federal law (Treasury rules, Bureau of Printing and Engraving rules, “face value” of securities covered by the so-called Debt Ceiling), that it is impossible to stop or even shrink the funding of government operations.

Regardless of political affiliation, all endorsing audience members of this predictable government theater deserve the thunderous applause of economic traitors as they lead America into the fires of fiscal hell.



Sanders Speaks White Privilege

October 15th, 2015

In the first Democratic presidential schoolyard tantrum, characterized as a “debate” even though it did not meet the minimum standards for a forensic encounter, Bernie Sanders told a huge lie, a whopper, a tall tale. “Vermont is a rural state”, the old codger said. He had to open his choppers a little so the massive untruth could squeeze between his Grinch-like teeth.

There has not been a rural person born in Vermont in 100 years!


According to the Vermont Ministry Of Black Importation, even the black citizens they manage to entice to the White Paradise of the North are urbanites from Cleveland who wouldn’t know a hoe from a coulter. Vermont is an absentee fiefdom of wealthy landlords from New York City. Yet, Sanders would have you believe that Vermont is filled with taciturn Yankees sitting around the pickle barrel opining the weather and the crops while the old pot-bellied stove managed the chill. New Yorkers using WiFi to check stock quotes and rental income is the actual reality of Vermont.


Mrs. Bill Clinton did not call out Sanders for his bald-faced lie. She knows what a rural state looks like. Arkansas is a rural state. No New Yorkers there. Arkansas is so unsophisticated its citizens vacation in Mississippi.


Sanders expounded this enormous fib to provide a “homey” background for his next gargantuan prevarication: “Today in America, we have more people in jail than any other country on Earth.” The lily-white Hee-haw Vermonter forgot to add that all 4 billion Chinese are in prison because of their police-state government; that all North Koreans are similarly imprisoned; and that other countries simply kill their citizens.


Having set the “rural” stage for his fireside chat, Sanders freed his White Privilege Voice and boomed forth this litany of lies: we can have free public college tuition by taxing Wall Street for “speculation”; we can alleviate the “crushing” college debt of young people; we can lower the high cost of college; we can give in-state tuition to illegal interlopers (even though, curiously, we can’t afford to deport them).


Why are these freebies, grab bags, giveaways the essence of White Privilege?


We are 18 trillion dollars in debt.


You would have to be a senile white fool living in a “rural” state that has to import blacks in order to simulate “diversity” to believe that we can afford anything.


Rome is BURNING! Sanders and Clinton are eager to ferry more gasoline to feed the flames while enthused Democrats, incredibly fattened by their Wall Street donors, languidly tune their fiddles, which have been mortgaged by the Red Chinese.



Germans Loading People Onto Trains

September 9th, 2015

Pub_2013_2013_The Rain God Small

Mute the volume on the TV and watch the Germans loading people onto trains. For Baby Boomers it is chilling. In the 50s and 60s we found out what those trains had been used for in the 30s and 40s. All through school we had to watch the films, in class, in museums, at civic commemorations.

It is different this time, we are assured by smiling, clueless millennial reporters. The Germans are different now. Maybe.

But the moral shoe is on the other foot. The Germans are not doing anything immoral but the so-called immigrants are doing something very immoral and they should be stopped, around the world. They have left their friends and neighbors to endure a perilous fate while they pursue a better life. They have left their friends and neighbors in a leaky boat of crumbled societies while they swim away from the desperate cries of those they left to die.

These so-called immigrants are actually selfish, immoral interlopers who accept no responsibility for the social conditions they left behind. Since they did not accept the challenge to improve the societies they abandoned, they will accept no responsibility to improve the societies they invade.

Meanwhile, the Germans continue to load them onto trains.

For the moment, these appallingly immoral interlopers are the cause celeb of the pandering, equally immoral media. Remember, it was only a few months ago that these emotion-squeezing media types were deploring the lives of these same people when they were at home suffering from the terrible social conditions that they were nonetheless responsible for creating and maintaining.

What choices did they have? Work for change, rebel against injustice, fight tyranny. What choices did they make? Abandon their ailing societies to their miserable fates, pay huge sums to smugglers and take their troubles, and their abject lack of social conscience, to burden other societies.

Soon the pendulum will swing again and the idiotic nature of European social welfare policies will be exposed for what they are: pitiful offerings at the altar of history to cleanse the European soul of the horrors of WWI and WWII. The French are always one crisis away from releasing the violent anti-Semitism that runs just beneath the skin of French society. The Danes and the Dutch will rebel against the poor brown tide already stealing the produce of their erstwhile societies.

The heart-string-pulling media will go silent when fear of dissolution by the immoral, uneducated, socially sociopathic invaders brings back to the fore the Prussian character of the German people. Once again, Germans loading people onto trains will emblazon headlines as the solution that will save the Fatherland from the social pollution sweeping the globe.

An attack on social conscience, such as that embodied by the self-serving flight of political immigrants, is an assault on humanity everywhere. That is why these social sociopaths must be deported from the United States now. The results of such an onslaught have historically been disastrous and, in Germany, the trains are already rolling.




Avoiding Doomsday Government In America

April 1st, 2013

Doomsday government in America would be the loss of the federal republic defined in the American Constitution. Two scenarios, one arising from domestic forces and one arising from foreign forces, could create a doomsday government in the United States. The American prepper community is making contingency plans to deal with the advent of multiple physical doomsday events such as natural disasters, war, EMP, pandemics, collision with objects from outer space and social discord of all stripes.

Preparation for doomsday government requires a different kind of prepper—a political prepper—and the objective is not to prepare for the aftermath, the objective is to prevent doomsday government from happening. In the same way that a physical prepper must modify the physical environment to survive the aftermath of a physical doomsday event, the political prepper must adjust the political environment to prevent a political doomsday event. Fortunately, by making the proper permanent political changes in America, the political prepper can help avoid both the domestic doomsday government threat and the foreign doomsday government threat.

Naturally, the only way to make permanent changes in the political environment of the United States is by amendments to the Constitution. The Palmetto Manifesto proposed by is a guide for political preppers to prevent doomsday government in America from domestic and foreign forces.

The foreign doomsday government threat comes from invasion by a foreign power or from the United States giving up its sovereignty by treaty or membership in a world governance organization. The articles of the Palmetto Manifesto mitigate against both of these possibilities.

The domestic doomsday government threat comes from a process of federal usurpation of power that began in 1789. As brilliant as the Founders were in crafting intra-federal checks and balances on power, they failed to forge an extra-federal restraint on the entire central government that would have prevented it from exceeding its constitutional limits. Thus, in 1803, Chief Justice John Marshall was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—judicial branch of the central government. In 1861, President Lincoln was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—Union. In 1914, President Wilson was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—executive branch of the central government. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—legislative branch of the central government. In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt was able to begin constructing a nationalist—not federal—economy.

In each of these great usurpations, the States lost power. Yet, it is the States, and only the States, who can supply the extra-federal restraints to reduce and permanently contain the federal monster they created. The Constitution was created by the legislatures of the 13 sovereign States. It was not created by the people in the States. The States created a federal government to serve the States. We are now approaching a point where the States will soon disappear as political entities. Then the central government will be a national government—the kind of government specifically forbidden by the Constitution. Then the government will be a doomsday government.

Political preppers can prevent this doomsday government. By encouraging the States to adopt the Articles of the Palmetto Manifesto as amendments to the Constitution, federal patriots can avoid doomsday government in America. Begin your political prepping now. Join and take up the fight to get the Palmetto Manifesto adopted as amendments to the Constitution.




Control Government, Not Guns

January 21st, 2013

Even though children were murdered at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, the total lack of any journalistic standards in the American news media and the crass opportunism of fools on both sides of the gun control issue, conspired to produce The Standard Circus. In the center ring, reporters stoop to asking people how they feel about children being murdered. In the left ring, politicians wring their hands and declare that more must be done to control gun violence. In the right ring, politicians declare that nothing more can be done to control gun violence. Under the American Infotainment Big Top, not a single word of genuine outrage or true sorrow was spoken.

The stage was set for Buffoon H. Obama to lecture the world on righteousness and attempt to increase federal power even more—and he did. While the innocent children grow cold in their graves, jaws flap relentlessly under the Big Top. “Gun control, gun control, sis boom bah. Get rid of guns and bring forth Shangri-La. Gun control, gun control, bippity, boppity, boo. Give up your guns—your government will always do right by you.”

During every hour, on every single channel, the circus plays on inexorably. Glitz, glamor, pop, sparkle, look sad, we’re on the air. Expunge all meaning with trite expressions and the wails of the living. Make sonorous speeches but make sure that the photos that capture the most anguish get the most air. Pack up the Big Top and get ready to roll. When tragedy again strikes, we must be ready with our mikes. Besides, the news cycle has moved beyond these poor tykes.

The process by which the Big Top turns true horror into media content is appalling and disheartening. The surety with which politicians turn unspeakable sorrow into government control is chilling. The irony is that a very serious matter is at stake and not a single partisan of either side, especially Buffoon H. Obama, knows what it is.

Although, as the Supreme Court, recently made clear, the Second Amendment does confer a personal right to keep and bear arms, that is not the purpose of the amendment.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Read it carefully and actually think about each word. The security of a free State is the issue here. Arming the citizens is the method of guaranteeing that security.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to make sure that each State can protect itself from other States and from the federal government. The only way that could be done, as the Founders realized, was for the people in the States to be armed. A consequence of the Second Amendment is that the people will always have the means to, as Jefferson thought necessary, revolt once in a while.

Read the record of the debates during the Constitutional Convention. States were jealous of the power of other States and very fearful of the power of the new federal government they were creating. From the beginning of the Constitutional Convention, the States were concerned about having the power to repel other States and the federal government from their borders. To give themselves this power forever, the States added the Second Amendment to assure themselves of armed citizens. Armed citizens had been the means through which the States had won their freedom.

The government has guns that can fire 5,000 rounds per minute. That same government wants to restrict those who would oppose them to clips that hold seven rounds or less. This ridiculous balance of power is tolerated because Americans, despite clear warnings from our most important Founders, refuse to accept that revolution against or repulsion of, the federal government will ever be necessary again. The sad truth is, revolution is required now.

The control America desperately needs now is the control of government, not control of arms in the hands of its citizens. The deranged will always be able to wound society but it is only tyrannical governments that can destroy society. The Second Amendment exists so States may protect themselves. It is high time they began to do so.



State Rebellion: Ending National Government In America

January 6th, 2012

The Constitution of the United States, which was created by sovereign State legislatures, not by people in the States, formed a federal government whose purpose was to SERVE THE STATES. The War Between The States—President Lincoln erred like an unstudied schoolboy when he referred to it as a “civil war” (the Union, the victor, in compiling the official record of the conflict also errs in calling it The War Of The Rebellion)—established three principles as a result of its bloody course:

when the federal government fails to properly serve the States that created it, those States must reclaim their sovereignty and reject the errant federal authority which has become illegal through its transgressions

the battle to preserve a federated, constitutional government is a noble one

as it did at Cowpens and in Secession, South Carolina will take the lead in securing the liberties of the federal republic for the people of the United States.

Because the only governmental authority created by the Constitution is a federal authority, a national government, in which the only effective political power exists in the government in Washington, DC, is patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Because the State legislatures early on figured out how to rob the people through the federal government and make themselves rich—much as the poor, the ignorant, and the profligate have devised for themselves the same scheme of theft—they have partnered with our corrupt political parties to impose on America a national government by subterfuge.




Occupy Liberty Plaza

October 11th, 2011

I was there when the Progressives destroyed the movement of Reflective Conscious in the sixties. Trust fund babies temporarily dressed in thrift store rags infiltrated a movement begun by intellectuals while academics, the clarion call for dogmatic conformism in the name of compassion, coopted what had been a genuine reaction to the self-indulgent nihilism of the Beat Generation.

Suddenly, what had been an earnest discussion of women’s rights became the moronic ex cathedra tautology known as Feminism, ontological inquiry into the human condition became drug-induced Zen, and serious scrutiny of engaging communist forces in Vietnam became the vapid slogan, “Hell no, we won’t go!”

My contemporaries celebrated the party at Woodstock as the dawning of a new age. Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills and Nash made a fortune from the legacy of the three days of stoned-out hard fucking in the rain. I helped arrange transportation for some folks to get to Woodstock but I did not want to go. I did not want to stand on the ground and watch the age of Reflective Conscious die in giving birth to the age of Who Can Say Because I Don’t Relate To The Plastic People But I Demand A Life Filled With Goodies.

The intellectual rabble drove out the intellectuals with their Progressive politics. But the rabble had no choice. You see, intellectuals are not people who read abstruse tomes of recondite philosophy or pretend that thoughtless expression is art. They are not products of universities because universities abhor and suppress them. An intellectual is a simple thing: a person who seeks the truth in everything.

The universities, the government, political groups, the rabble—all demand conformity with their pronouncements. Progressives demand it the most, and tolerate dissent the least, because they stand on the thinnest ice, remnants of the fashionable leftist fascism of the nineteen twenties.

Now the intellectual rabble have gathered on Wall Street for some drug-induced hard fucking while decrying profits and greed in between texting remorse on the death of uber-rich Steve Jobs on their beloved IPhones.

Give me a break. Make Profit Not Politics. Occupy Reality. Seek Truth. The winter of your discontent is looming and yet you curse the sun as if it appears in the sky just for you. Fill Liberty Plaza with conscious. Wait—first, I need a mocha latte, man.